NH & VT Buyer Brokerage - ABR Designation

Buyer Brokerage in Vermont and New Hampshire

Not too long ago, an experienced VT Buyer Broker with an ABR designation didn’t exist. Real estate transactions were designed with the seller in mind and VT agency representation until the early 1990’s was a one way street for the seller. All Upper Valley real estate firms represented sellers, causing buyers to seek and receive guidance that probably wasn’t as tailored to their unique situations as it could have been. However, over the last few decades the Vermont-New Hampshire real estate game has changed. With experienced buyer brokerage representation, my firm has been creating real estate experiences that are tailored to Vermont and New Hampshire buyers. My firm does, of course, take listings and in those situations, I serve the sellers interests.

As an early adopter of buyer brokerage in Vermont, and since I am licensed as a real estate broker in both States, I was one of the first Beautiful Bedroom in an Upper Valley Home real estate agents in the Upper Valley to lead the charge and find the best properties available for interested buyers. Education has been a big part of that process and earning the coveted ABR designation is the pinnacle of experience in the field. My first Buyer Broker transaction was actually in New Hampshire. For over 30 years I have dedicated myself to uncovering some of the most beautiful homes in Vermont and the Upper Valley, showing homebuyers the properties of their dreams. In an era when the perfect VT land or NH estate property is becoming increasingly difficult to find and purchase, I help simplify the process and give buyers the expert information they need to make a knowledgeable real estate decision – a decision with an experienced and competent buyer broker.

But just what are the benefits of using John Bassette as an experienced VT buyer broker? Wouldn’t you receive the same type of attention from any agent? Unfortunately, no. While all agents are licensed to tackle the task, many are better suited to represent one over the other. As an accredited buyer representative (ABR Designation) I provide clients with my time and loyalty, taking them to see the properties on their list as well as helping them uncover hidden gems. My experience is second to no one and my ABR designation and Certified Negotiation Specialist – CNS designation will help maximize your bottom line with expert advice along the way. Rather than being concerned with the property alone, I am invested in your needs, goals, and desires and can help ensure you make a solid real estate investment and pay a fair price for your selected home.

Brick Colonials in Woodstock VTWhen you use me as a New Hampshire or Vermont buyer broker, you’ll have expert negotiation skills, experience, and current real estate market insight on your side - helping you find a Vermont home that’s a true match for you and your family. You will also receive sound property advice about the local area as well as considerations for pricing and repair experts.

It is a highlight of any day to see the joy on a buyer’s face when he or she realizes they’ve found the home of their dreams. As a non-exclusive NH and VT Buyer Broker, I choose to take Upper Valley listings as well as to advise interested buyers on some of the Upper Valley’s most coveted properties. Whether you’re new to Vermont and New Hampshire or just looking for a change of scenery, I can help you simplify the process and emerge satisfied with your new home purchase.

When you’re ready to get started, call me on my cell at (802) 280.5977.

I look forward to meeting you!

Below are the Agency Disclosures the State of Vermont and New Hampshire require all customers receive in their housing search.